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Spiritual Life

photo of stations of the cross


Through prayer, we open to God – alive and all around us. In all our life experiences, we open our spirit to God's love and find ourselves drawn into beauty, goodness, love – all signs of the God who meets us and leads us to a renewed life. As a community we pray the Liturgy of the Hours in the morning and evening and we are nourished by daily Eucharist.


As women dedicated to a shared vision of hope and love, we live our lives in a sacred space of contemplation and welcome. Through compassion, reconciliation, generosity and hospitality we live and proclaim Jesus Christ through evangelizing, preaching, educating, and promoting justice and peace. This commitment to one another is expressed in our shared life in community.


In seeking truth and understanding, we discover the wonders of God’s creation in truth in all its manifestations, including world events, contemporary issues, arts, culture, and the sciences. When we are informed and recognize diverse perspectives, we expand our relationship to the world and better serve the young, the poor and the vulnerable. As lifelong learners, we are committed to a contemplative study of important issues of our Church and the world.


Individually and communally we proclaim Jesus’ message of compassion and truth, justice, mercy and great love. We strive to position the truth through the arts, education and pastoral work, social service and health care. We believe there is a real and sustainable connection that unites human, environmental and spiritual wellness. All are nourished by God's love. We also respect diverse cultures and faiths in our common search for God.