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Prayer and Meditation

photo of a nun holding a Bible and rosarySunday - 10:30am, Morning Prayer & Eucharist, 5pm Adoration of Blessed Sacrament followed by Evening Prayer

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday -  5:15pm, Evening Prayer & Eucharist

Friday - 8-9pm, Taizé (third Friday of the month, September - May)

Saturday - 11:15am, Eucharist; 5:40pm, Evening Prayer


These meditative, simple songs typically feature a line or two from the Psalms, creating a contemplative experience in music.

Please join us on the 3rd Friday of each month (September - May) from 8-9 pm. Our Taizé Prayer is open to all. This prayer and song around the Cross is held in the Dominican Sisters Chapel. In a spirit of peace and reconciliation, our Taizé service is attended by people of all ages.

The community was founded during WWII by Brother Roger, a native of Switzerland who came to France (the country of his mother) to help those whose lives were devastated by the conflict raging across Europe. He settled in Taizé and began sheltering Jews and others fleeing from the Nazis, but in 1942 was forced to flee because his activities were discovered by the authorities. In 1944 he returned to Taizé and continued ministering to those in need, helped by a small group of brothers who had joined the ecumenical religious community he had founded.

For more information, please contact Teresa Schmidt, at 510-933-6366 or email