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Something About Nones





Something About Nones: Exploring the Spirituality of Unaffiliated Young Adults

As most of us are aware, religious affiliation is on the decline, particularly among young adults. Santa Clara University professor Elizabeth Drescher has been exploring the spirituality of the unaffiliated--the so-called "Nones," who answer "none" when asked with what religion they identify--including young adults, and finds many opportunities for sustained conversation and connection among religious communities and practitioners and those who no longer see institutional religious communities as the center of their spiritual lives. And her students have keen insights on what pushes young adults away from churches and what might draw them into meaningful engagement, if not membership. Join Professor Drescher and a small group of young adults for a morning of insight, exploration and conversation on what the Nones can teach church communities about religion and spirituality today.

Elizabeth Drescher, PhD teaches in the undergraduate program in religious studies and the graduate program in pastoral ministry at Santa Clara University, where she also directs the Living Religion Collaborative. Her book, Choosing Our Religion: The Spiritual Lives of American Nones (Oxford, 2016), focuses on the spiritual practices of religious “nones” (people who answer “none” when asked which religion they practice). She most recently co-authored Click 2 Save REBOOT: The Digital Ministry Bible (Morehouse 2018), and has authored books and articles on the spiritual lives of ordinary people, within and outside traditional religions.