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Congregational Stances

photo from the DSMSJ MotherhouseOur congregation’s ministry, prayer and policies are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Constitutions of our congregation.

Gospel values challenges us to publically stand in solidarity with the “young, the poor, and the vulnerable.” We witness our faith by rejecting activities or practices that deliberately abuse, destroy or deny our sacred humanity or the beauty and abundance of God’s creation.

Below are the public stances embraced and endorsed by members of our congregation.

As Dominican Sisters we oppose:

In Support of Abolishing the Death Penalty

We, the Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Queen of the Holy Rosary, an international congregation of consecrated women, affirming the sacredness and dignity of all human life, oppose the death penalty as immoral.

In so doing, we stand in solidarity with Pope Francis, Dominicans throughout the world, other religious congregations, and all people who call for the abolition of the death penalty on religious, moral, or humanitarian grounds.

We commit to working toward an end of state sanctioned killing by:

  • Learning as much as possible about the issue of the death penalty
  • Standing against the culture of violence prevalent in our society
  • Addressing issues of restorative justice
  • Reaching out in compassion to the victims
  • Reaching out in compassion to the accused
  • ­Reaching out in compassion to the families of victims and families of the accused to support them in their loss and pain


Opposition to Human Trafficking

We, the Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Queen of the Holy Rosary, an international congregation of consecrated women, stand in support of human rights by opposing trafficking of all persons, especially of women and children, for purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

We commit:

  • To Congregation wide prayer for the end of the grave injustice of trafficking of persons for purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor
  • To educate ourselves and others regarding the magnitude, causes and consequences of this abuse
  • To collaborate with advocacy groups (i.e. our Non Governmental Organization affiliations, the Dominican Sisters Federation USA, the Dominican Leadership Conference, other religious congregations, the United States
  • To advocate for policies and programs that address the prevention of trafficking and/or provide alternatives to women and children in danger of being trafficked
  • To collaborate in the support of recovery programs for those entrapped, and to support healing presence for
  • To use our economic power, our strength as consumers and investors to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, a society that works against incentives for trafficking


Against Nuclear Arms

As an international Congregation, we the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, stand in opposition to a United States pre-emptive strike against Iraq or any other nation. We implore the United States to respect the United Nations process. We are committed to this in view of the Gospel mandate for peace, justice, and the care of life.