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Divine Design — Salvatore Caruso

sal and cross

Sal founded Salvatore Caruso Design Corporation 30 years ago. An awarding wining architect, he is a devout Catholic whose spiritual life and trust is anchored in God’s providence and the daily recitation of the Rosary with his wife Jose- phine and children. “There are many paths to God, but Mary’s sacrificial love for her Son inspires me. The more we know her, the more we know Jesus Christ, our Savior.”

Sal’s devotion to the Mother of God found special expression when he restored the Mater Dei Chapel after a 2017 visit to the Motherhouse. S. Rose Marie Hennessy showed Sal the 1923 chapel designed by S. Justina Niemierski in honor of Mother Pia’s 50th anniver- sary of profession. After seeing damage inside the chapel Sal made a promise, “Through God’s grace, we will get this done.”

In August Sal’s workers arrived to clean discolored art work and return the chapel “to its original brilliance.” On the October Feast of the Queen of the Holy Rosary, Oakland Bishop Michael Barber SJ, blessed the restored chapel, as guests, Sisters and the Caruso family viewed the transformation. The beauty of S. Justina’s design is again revealed in vibrant cherub faces, glittering inlaid glass, carvings and Scripture passages. Without electricity, candles illuminate the cut glass and reflect the gold leaf work.

“Our values can be applied to whatever we do in our lives and career,” Sal said with a smile. “Jesus made it so simple for us – Be joyful in all things. Be loving. Be kind and caring. This is the simplest yet most challenging task of our lives.”