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The Preaching Continues through Music!

Sister Irene Mary Diones, OP reflects:teachers and students

Another level of continuing our Preaching was demonstrated through the initiative of a young former student of MSJ School of Music, Genevieve Boken. Genevieve was a student of both Sisters Andre Marie Fujier and Irene Mary Diones in piano, guitar and ukulele. She is now a freshman in high school at Presentation in San Jose California. Right after her acceptance in high school, she shared with me her hopes to continue developing and spreading the truth and role of Music in our life; in the development of the human person, in discovering our gifts, learning social and moral values, etc. She wouldn’t be able to continue attending music classes, yet she would like to teach others instead, all on voluntary services. She’s been an outstanding girl scout and the idea of service is very strong in her. She presented me her plans; her timeline, all the materials and resources needed, the appropriate venue for prospective students, who to invite, the length of each lesson, the possibility of a performance, arrangement with appropriate personnel, and other details needed to carry this out. 

Working together with her mother, a Girl Scout Troop Master who arranged the use of the donated funds, the series of 9 Sunday classes was set through the sponsorship of MSJ Dominican Sisters School of Music, under the supervision of Sister Irene Mary Diones.  Four Sisters enthusiastically volunteered to participate; Sisters Andre Marie, Elizabeth Lee, Veronica Esparza, Dulce Aguilar. Even though the group just barely started, they were invited and, cheerfully and confidently accepted the invitation to perform at the MSJ Dominicans’ annual boutique. Included in their playing and singing was to provide the music to a group of professional Hula Dancers before the impressive and applauding audience. What a joy it was! The classes ended just the week before Christmas. Then a continuing “preaching” followed which was the group’s own gift of service; to do a Christmas Songfest to our Sisters in our St. Martin’s Residence Care to spread the spirit and joy of Christmas to our elderly sisters.! The sisters’ singing and tapping and clapping concluded with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” over and over. The sounds of music were weaving through buzz and jolly conversations as everyone enjoyed a Christmassy reception.

And so the preaching...!