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Prayer Cards

Emails, text messages and social media offer wonderful ways to rapidly communicate with one another. But the joy of receiving a handwritten card or note in the mail provides sends a special message and a more personal way to communicate your best wishes or kind regard.  

If personal correspondence is a something you value, consider sending your greetings or birthday wishes by choosing a card from our Dominican Artist series. Each card features the artwork or original photographs taken by one of our Sisters. The cards also offer the gift of prayer and remembrance in every message. Every card features original artwork or a beautiful photograph to convey your birthday, congratulations, sympathy or thinking of you message. These cards each contain an individualised message, an example of which may be viewed here.

The colorful cards are available at no cost. Please contact Sister Lynn Marie Gillanders, O.P. by email at or phone (510) 933-6307 to order your cards. Individual designs are subject to availability, and additional designs may be substituted upon request.

Happy Birthday 




Thinking of You

thinking of you

Get Well Soon

get well soon



Thank you for sending the gift of love and good wishes with a Dominican Artist series card and sharing the blessing of the Sisters’ faithful prayer with your family and friends.