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Support Medical Outreach in Chiapas

Each year the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose coordinate a medical outreach program designed to serve rural Mayan communities in Chiapas, Mexico.  In 2015, the medical program treated 700 individuals in 7 days, providing families with limited access to clinics or health facilities medical, vision or dental care. The principal aim is to develop a self-sustainable health program. In 2016, medical visits focused on providing learning opportunities for health promoters and offered holistic care,

The team of US and Mexico health professionals volunteer a full week of service, working in remote Chiapas communities.  The local Mayan corps of Health Promoters and the Sisters also organize the annual medical outreach program.  These leaders live in the region and are trained to support ongoing healthcare, using traditional Mayan medicines and western healing techniques.

Will you help us prepare for the upcoming medical outreach to Chiapas?  We hope to raise $25,000 to host the full week of care delivering medicines and medical services to rural Mayan communities. Read our feature article in the 2018 issue of In Common magazine about past medical outreach here.

Dominican Sisters in Chiapas

For 42 years, Dominican Sisters from the Province of Mexico and the US have accompanied Mayan communities in the Chiapas highlands by coordinating parish, education and community health programs.

Walking beside the Tsotsil-speaking Mayan people, the Sisters affirm indigenous women and their right to own and distribute their unique art, demonstrated in woven designs, artisan products and garments.  The Sisters believe that Mayan land use and indigenous healing remedies have much to teach us about how to live in harmony with each other and care for creation.

Two Mayan women joined the congregation in January 2017 as candidates in the Province of Mexico. 

We rejoice and ask for your prayers and continued support for these Mayan ministries.