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Schools in Mexico

photo of Mexico School

Mother Pia’s missionary spirit knew no borders!

Students from Mexico attending Dominican schools in California in the 1900’s expressed interest in entering the congregation and their parents asked the Sisters to teach in their home country.

In 1909, Mother Seraphina Maerz traveled to Mexico with two Sisters. On February 9, 1910, St. Rose School in Atzcapozalco, D.F. opened. The Sisters taught residential students and orphans.

Dominican schools and ministries

photo of Mexican school childrenToday our Sisters in Mexico operate five schools, educating 1,800 students annually.

Our Sisters also serve as catechists and pastoral associates, working in Catholic parishes and supporting the faith and needs of indigenous Mayan peoples in Chiapas, Mexico.

    Colegio Junipero, Mexico City
    Colegio Robert F. Kennedy, Mexico City
    Colegio Tomas de Aquino, Maravatio
    Instituto La Paz, Delicias
    Instituto Las Casas, San Miguel de Allende
    San Martin de Porres Mission, Chiapas