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The Year Ahead Alongside Our Olive Trees

olives on branch

Every year, we look forward to watching our olive trees and the fruit they bear. Fruit follows some stages every year, sprouting, growing, and ripening throughout the life cycle of the olive tree.

Right now, just after our November harvest, our trees are bare and dormant. A few late fruit have dropped to the ground where our local wild turkeys and other animals pick them clean. 

Come March, the trees begin to bud, producing springtime flower clusters. From April to May, the flowers bloom. These evocative white and yellow clusters remind us yearly that spring and sunshine chase away the winter gloom. This flowering varies from year to year, dependent upon factors including rainfall and temperature. 

As the flowers fall and summer comes, fruit-set determines how many olive fruit we can expect at harvest time. Harvest occurs at different times in the autumn for different types of olives. Ours usually occurs in October or November. Harvesting occurs when the olives have reached their maximum size but are still green.

Every year, we look forward to sharing our trees, their fruit, and their bounty with all! You can read more about our Olive Orchard here.