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We rejoice and give thanks for the blessings of this year!

photo of a beautiful sunset


Every Sister entered into a prayerful “Pilgrimage of the Heart” journey to elect a new Congregational Prioress and leadership Council.


Sisters move into the new St. Joseph Residence, forming four communities: Our Lady of Angels, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady of Wisdom.  


550 guests attended the Dedication of our St. Joseph Residence & Dominican Center and blessed the new LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building.  


The energy-efficient residence is a home to our Sisters and our Dominican Center promotes the arts, spirituality, and wellness in the region. Motherhouse Center for Education and Spirituality programs include arts and spirituality, book clubs, seminars, mindfulness and meditation workshops.  


16 remarkable women celebrate their joyful Jubilee anniversaries as a Dominican Sisters, a combined 820 years in ministry!  


27 Dominican schools in California and Mexico provided an outstanding Catholic education to more than 7,000 elementary and secondary students! Las Casas English as a Second language program provided English instruction, three nights a week in Oakland.  20 volunteer teachers delivered 16,000 hours of instruction to adults from 10 countries.  


150 Sisters from the US and Mexico affirmed the “Spirit’s transformative work among us,” electing new leaders and embracing Dominican ministries in 3 states and 2 countries.
ASEB Mission San Jose is licensed by the California Department of Health to provide daytime memory care to adults with various forms of dementia. Sisters serve as volunteers and on the nursing staff.  


Biodiversity and beauty in the Santa Cruz Mountains is preserved through an environmental easement on our Marywood property, protecting habitat, redwood forests, and wildlife.
Motherhouse care of creation initiatives include solar topped parking, drought tolerant landscapes and organic gardens.    


New and returning Dominican Sisters School of Music faculty teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and voice.  The youth Dominican Chamber Orchestra was launched after a successful summer workshop.  


Nearly 200 mission-era trees produced a record-breaking 18,000-pound harvest and 4,500 bottles of Dominican Sisters Olive Oil.


Isolated Chiapas families and villages in Mexico received health care and medicines from a team of Dominican Sisters, doctors, nurses and Mayan Health Promoters.   


1,500 people enjoyed the Holiday Boutique held in the Dominican Center!  Guests enjoyed food, live music, face painting and shopped for olive oil, fruitcake, art, cards, handmade gifts and baked goods.   
Two women embraced Dominican life, making their profession.  Welcome Sister Maria Chuc Vu and Hermana María de Jesús Salas Barcena!     

Thank you for sharing in this sacred mission!

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