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Restoring the Sisters' History

photo of man looking at restored DSMSJ photos“I felt like a privileged witness to the reality of the time and the lives of the sisters—how much they accomplished with so little. These photos are treasures and the gravity of bringing them back to life was apparent to me from the beginning.”

For those fortunate enough to have attended the ‘Meet the Artist’ event at the Motherhouse on September 15th, you were given an intimate glimpse into the lives of many remarkable women who made the Mission their home. Andrew spent hours restoring what are some of the only images from the early times of the Dominican Sisters at Mission San Jose. deLory, an accomplished photographer and filmmaker, dove into the restoration process with the sensitive eye of a remarkable artist and the result is nothing short of amazing.

The Motherhouse Gallery is currently featuring the restored images and we encourage you to visit and take a step back into the lives of the early Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose.