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The Dominican Stories Project

"The Motherhouse is currently in voluntary isolation and is restricting people wo are not residents from being on the grounds. Mass and Liturgy of the Hours will not be open to guests..." - (Sister Cecilia Canales, OP, Congregstional Prioress)

In addition, all events and programs sponsored by the Dominican Sisters Center for Education and Spirituality (CES) have been cancelled.

Dominican Dialogue with Sister Barbara Hagel and Jeanette DeYoung

How has your beekeeping connected you with care of creation?

Care of Creation at the Mission San Jose Motherhouse

Care of Creation is a decision and way of life that can be experienced at the Motherhouse. Guests attending arts, music, school or young adult retreats or non-profit seminars describe the sense of peace that permeates the campus. Pope Francis challenges humanity to hallow the gifts of God's creation as central to our planet's survival.