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Our Heartfelt Chapter Pilgrimage

On July 23, 2016 we gathered in this 800th anniversary of the approbation of the Dominican Order, the 140th year of our founding and in the midst of this extraordinary Jubilee year of Mercy for a tremendous week long Chapter.

Twenty three of us came from our Province in Mexico---something that didn’t exist at our last Chapter in 2013. We welcomed sisters from Delicias, San Cristobal, San Miguel de Allende, Maravatio, Atizapan, Chalma, and Tacubaya.

We welcomed our sisters from St. Catherine, Santa Teresita, San Gabriel Mission, Sacred Heart, Flintridge Sacred Heart, from Tucson, Arizona, San Bernadino, ICA, St. Elizabeth, St. Edward,  St. Louis and our 8 distinct communities here at the Motherhouse.

We readied ourselves for this moment since December 2013 when the Chapter was convoked!  We have prayed, studied and discerned.  We have learned and shared in the context of our Assemblies.

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey, not without personal cost.   It requires preparation and openness to the unknown!   It is Spirit led!

Our Pilgrim Companions

Our Congregational Directory is a wonderful snap shop of who we are!  

102 delegates,  50 participants,  with an additional 20 sisters here and in Mexico supporting us with their prayer.  What an amazing expression of our shared commitment to our life and our future!

Our Destination

Conversion, renewal and transformation!

Our Constitutions tell us the destination is conversion and renewal…as well as a new Congregational Leadership Team

We named in our Hoped for Outcomes and prayed again and again in our General Chapter Prayer our desire to betransformed by the Spirit of Jesus for the sake of the Reign of God.

The Outcome

So much has been shared with one another in our past week. It's difficult to convey the immense gratitude we have for your faith in us and the prayers you sent us.

With you blessings we discovered new ways to bridge our missions in Mexico and U.S., we energized existing mission work relative to today's urgent needs, we re-discovered how our individual and collective faith can help those so yearning for connection, and we elected a new Leadership Council for our future.

As the days go on, we'll keep you apprised of the details of our outcome.

Until then, we thank you for the love we felt and continue to feel. It is your love that propels us to continue our pilgrimage and dedication to  each other and our relationship to earth.

Blessings to you and your families.