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An Invitation to Engage in Contemplative Power

photo of a sister walking the labarynthElections and Contemplative Power

Women Religious Urge a Compassionate and Contemplative Approach to National Political Season

September 21, 2016, Fremont, CA., The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose welcome participation in a national contemplation practice focused on our upcoming elections.  Together we seek healing, the common good and civil discourse. Contemplation when undertaken together becomes a communal and powerful act. The Dominicans have a long tradition of discernment and daily contemplation that has guided them for 800 years.  As November approaches, the Sisters invite all community members to join their commitment to establish a regular contemplative practice before and after the November elections (Tuesday September 20-Thanksgiving November 24, 2016). Individuals may choose to reach out to neighbors, civic organizations and friends throughout the nation in creating circles within their community, contemplating at a specific time each day.  

Dominican Congregational Prioress Sister Gloria Marie Jones describes the simple practice – “Joining together to intentionally pause and hold a vision of our country healed of division, focused on the common good and engaged in respectful discourse.  We encourage people from all walks of life to identify 5-10 minutes each day to consciously turn inward, hold this intention and breathe with awareness.”  S. Gloria, trained in the practice of Contemplative Dialogue, is an experienced practitioner, dedicated to creating environments where authentic communication occurs in a climate of respect that honors each individual as a child of God.
Contemplative Power was initiated by Sister Nancy Sylvester, IHM, president of the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue and endorsed at a gathering of 50 women religious in San Rafael, CA.  The Dominican Sisters invite individuals, civic, congregation and corporate groups to share information about this contemplative initiative.  Guidance about how to establish your own contemplative practice or to join the Institute’s contemplative sitting network is available online.

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