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Dominican Sisters—Care of Creation

Solar Panels Power New Building

May 10, 2017, Fremont, California,         SolarCraft recently completed the installation of a 271 kW DC solar installation at the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose campus. The system is expected to offset 65% of the power usage in our new LEED Gold certified St. Joseph Residence and Dominican Center. The building officially opened on the Motherhouse campus in March 2016.

View of the campus with the solar panels

The photovoltaic (PV) system will help the Sisters save over $9,000 every month in electrical costs.

SolarCraft's financing made the project possible with solar power payments lower than monthly PG&E bills. The system also dramatically reduces our carbon footprint and supports our "care of creation" values. It allows us to apply these savings toward our mission and service.

“As Dominican Sisters we use the term 'care of creation' to describe our environmental commitment to attend to the needs of our fragile Mother Earth and planetary home,” said Sister Gloria Marie Jones, former Congregational Prioress. “When we outlined plans to build a residence and community center, solar power generation became an important part of the project, reducing our carbon footprint and lowering operating costs. The SolarCraft team helped us maximize these benefits, providing an affordable and dependable energy solution for our 26-acre Motherhouse home and campus.”

Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the system is mounted on custom engineered solar shade structures, which now act as protective carports for the Sisters’ and visitors’ vehicles. The solar PV system is designed to produce 391,657 kilowatt hours annually.

During the life of the system, almost 7,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide generated by campus operations will be eliminated. This impact is equivalent to removing air pollution produced by over 16 million miles of driving over 25 years or the pollutants removed by 261 acres of trees in one year.