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Dominican Stories Project with Lis Cox

lis and pat

Lis Cox works regularly with our elder sisters at the Motherhouse to record their Dominican Stories. With the help of Sisters Patricia Marie Walsh, Glenn Anne McPhee, and Ingrid Clemmensen, this project affirms and connects elder sisters with their families and the community. Lis and S. Patricia Marie connected through work with the City of Fremont, sharing a passion for history and seeking a tangible way to preserve Sisters’ life stories. Since 2012, the Dominican Stories Project creates DVD videos of elder members in which they recount their early lives, how they came to meet and be Dominican, their ministries, and their values.

“Each sister’s story is really unique,” Lis emphasizes, highlighting the diverse values each sister holds. Sisters receive copies to share with family, and a festival each year shares snippets with the Motherhouse sisters and their guests. This carries forward Lis’s own experience of “being invited into community” working alongside sisters. The voices, dedication, and humor of 60 sisters have been captured, including each sister’s witness and the continuing impact of their ministry and charism.