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Welcome the Lenten Season

lent from Joshua Tree from S Reina

Lent is a season of discovery and recovery, returning to a way of living that is less about me and my agenda and more about finding Christ in others and fostering unity over division.

The Dominican Sisters have challenged each other to move from I to We to One. What a wonderful practice to embrace this Lent!

What would happen if we spent the next 40 days trying to be less selfish or assertive in our conversations or interactions? What would happen if we listened first and tried to respond with love and kindness? Would our lives change? Would our hearts find peace? Would others notice?   

For 40 days let’s pray or meditate more faithfully. Let’s fast from actions or attitudes that hurt or shame others. Let’s offer gifts of time or energy or resources to help a friend, meet a community need or care for our environment. Together let us prepare for Easter by becoming Christ in a world hungry for resurrection, light and truth.