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Saint Joseph: In His Own Words


Meet one man’s vision of the person, the personality, the humor, the life of Saint Joseph: next to Mary the one who knew Jesus the best.

  • Experience this Bible-based, thought-provoking theatrical production;
  • Get to know Joseph, the father of Jesus and husband to Mary;
  • Be drawn into the story of Joseph, a carpenter, a man of dreams, a man of God.

Mark hopes that his Portrayals will encourage people to get to know those who were closest to Jesus, to dig deeper into the Scriptures and to grow in their faith. 

Mark Price is an actor, evangelist, retired businessman and speaker. In 1983 Mark developed his one-man Biblical Portrayals. Marks is also an author with two books: "If Not You - Then Who? Assuming Personal Responsibility" and, "How Would You Feel? A Celebration of Life."

This event is co-sponsored by St. Joseph Parish/Old Mission San Jose and will be held in our Dominican Center on Sunday, March 24 from 2pm-4pm. Free Will Offering.

Register by March 20 at Call us for more information at (510) 933-6360