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POSTPONED: Emily Dickinson, Mary Oliver and Gerard Manley Hopkins: Companions on Our Spiritual Journey

Greetings! TAKE NOTE!

The Center for Education and Spirituality, C. E. S., is postponing two vital presentations this coming weekend,

October 12th and 13th.  Saturday, October 12th’s presentation, EXPLORING RACISM   AND DIVERSITY, will be rescheduled.  As soon as the new date is confirmed you will be notified.

Sunday, October 13th’s presentation, POET COMPANIONS ON OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, is postponed indefinitely.  As soon as it is rescheduled you will be notified.

The uncertainty regarding P.G.E.’s Northern California outages  necessities these changes.  We regret any inconveniences these calendar changes cause and look forward to welcoming you in the near future!  Thank you for your understanding.


S. Glenn Anne McPhee

S. Ingrid Clemmensen



In this two-hour presentation, Sister Katherine Jean Cowan, O.P. will explore spirituality and prayer, suggesting how the poetry of Dickinson, Oliver and Hopkins can help deepen these within us. Participants will be given time for individual reflection.

Sister Katherine Jean, O.P., a Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose, holds master’s degrees in English and theology. A seasoned teacher, she has taught primarily in high school and often at her Alma Mater, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in Southern California. No longer teaching, she has more opportunity to pursue her passions for reading, writing and poetry.

This presentation takes place in the Dominican Center on Sunday, October 13, 2019 from 2-4PM. RSVP by Oct. 9, 2019 at Call us for more information at (510) 933-6360.