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Mission Era Olive Orchard

photo of the DSMSJ olive orchard

When the Dominican Sisters arrived at Mission San Jose in 1891, they were welcomed by silvery olive trees.

Planted on this sacred ground by Franciscan friars, the Sisters began processing the olives for their rich oil in 1894. The oil was distributed to Catholic parishes throughout the Bay Area and continues to be used to celebrate the sacraments in the Diocese of Oakland.

Olive harvests, discontinued in 1965, were reinstated in 2000 and the renewal of harvesting has engendered a spirit of gratitude for Earth's bounty.

The Dominican Sisters extra-virgin olive oil continues to be produced by mission-era trees and is sought by connoisseurs, shared with friends and distributed annually. 

We cultivate the largest remaining grove of mission-era olive trees in California. Many hands go into tending, harvesting and bottling our golden oil. The prized extra virgin Dominican Sisters Olive Oil is pressed and bottled by Dan Sciabica of Sciabica's California Olive Oil, shared with friends and distributed each year at the Holiday Boutique (Saturday/Sunday before Thanksgiving).

photo archive of DSMSJ olive oil production

This is very, very special olive oil -- and, there's no guarantee we'll have this kind of a season again -- so please don't miss out!