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Motherhouse Meadow

photo of trees

In 2016, dear friends honored our Jubilarians with gifts to help purchase and plant trees in our Motherhouse meadow. Designed as part of our capital project, the meadow replaces the extensive lawn in front of our heritage Queen of the Holy Rosary building.  By capturing storm run off in a beautiful regenerative meadow, we care for creation in a sustainable California landscape.

In 2017, we added the meadow pathway, installed irrigation and planted trees.  Over the next two years we will continue to create this beautiful teaching meadow.  Your gifts help us plant bulbs, flowers and the native grasses to sustain pollinators, birds and butterflies and nourish the human spirit in a contemplative, drought tolerant meadow.  

drawing of Motherhouse Meadow plans

Your gift contributed to the purchase and planting of these trees in the Motherhouse meadow. Planting began in May 2017, and these trees will  be appreciated for generations of students, friends, family, and sisters, to come. Please consider donating to help us maintain the meadow!


We thank you for your joyful recognition with honorary trees that will celebrate ministry and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.