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leadershipLike the Four Pillars of Dominican Life, our leadership council is a seamless integration of prayer, community, study and ministry and love. While individually, Sr. Cecelia, Sr. Diane, Sr. Verónica, Sr. Mary Liam and Sr. Mary Susanna shine wisdom and vision, together they create a complete prism of beauty in God's love.

Every five years the Dominican Sisters enter a prayerful discernment process that is associated with the 10 day Chapter Gathering. At this thoughtful gathering, the sisters work together in identifying the new Leadership Council. 

from top left: Sister Mary Liam Block, Sister Diane Bridenbecker, Sister Cecilia Canales, Sister Mary Susanna Vasquez and Sister Verónica Esparza Ramírez.

Our Congregational Prioress

photo of Sister Cecilia

Sister Cecilia Canales

It is a joy to serve our Congregation and give leadership to the Direction Statement from our General Chapter.  We desire to “live out of a deep center of love” as we minister to “the young, the poor and the vulnerable” with joy, building “bridges of love” and unity in our world today.

Our Leadership Council

photo of Sister Diane

Sister Diane Bridenbecker

I am filled with hope and gratitude as we begin a new term in service to my Dominican Congregation. I am both challenged and encouraged by my sisters to become a visible presence and expression of hope, joy and love.

photo of Sister Verónica

Sister Verónica Esparza Ramírez

God is here and showers us with His blessings in all the details of everyday life.  I have a sunny disposition or as we say in Spanish – “I smile at life."  As a person in motion, I enjoy each task and seek harmony within myself as I pursue the values of the Kingdom.

photo of Sister Alicia Lucy

Sister Mary Liam Block

Service brings me joy and meaning as I feel called, "to pick up the basin and towel, and wash feet." In kinship with all of creation I find joy in the beauty of our Motherhouse.  My leadership is grounded in God as I preach the WORD, sometimes with words.

photo of Sister Mary Susanna

Sister Mary Susanna Vasquez

Life is a journey that beckons us forward. It calls for movement toward God and turning toward one another and all of creation in love and respect. In stillness and solitude, my soul is nurtured and I am impelled to feed the hungry who thirst for love, compassion and acceptance without judgement. These reflective words are inspired from days on the Camino de Santiago – a life-changing experience. Buen Camino!