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Preaching the Truth in Love - Sister Rebecca Shinas

And just what is this Truth? sister Rebecca in concert

That each of us is “God made” and we uniquely shine out the very Essence of God to all! Wow, what Good News do we have to live and tell! I love to share my personal experiences of faith, hope and love through storytelling, painting and singing God through Praise Concerts, Prayer Reflections, Retreats and Spiritual Companioning! God is everywhere! We are ONE people, with ONE God, in ONE universe, sharing ONE LOVE!

Together, we are building bridges of Love, which remind us that we are all the Beloved of God! A young woman, left this note in my guitar case, after a concert:

Sister Rebecca, thank you for sharing your beautiful energy of God, when I hear you my heart opens and I can see the God who hides inside me!

That is so true, we do not “bring God” to anyone, we are simply daily reminders to each other of the presence of God that dwells eternal within us with immense, compassionate love! We all have a magnificent way “to be and do” God in the world!

Tell me, what is yours?

Visit Sister Rebecca's website to view her art here and listen to her discography of five albums here.