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Dominican Dialogue with Sister Barbara Hagel and Jeanette DeYoung

How has your beekeeping connected you with care of creation?the bees knees

Our concern for care of creation made us aware of the plight of bees in our current environment. We were horrified to learn bee colonies have drastically declined since 1945. Bees pollinate a third of our food crop with honey a sweet side treat! Could we do our small part to help change the plight of bees?

Our first beehive fell into our laps with the offer of a colony from Denise Ryan. We are participating in an ancient tradition, which helps sustain our planet. We are also continuing our long tradition as Mission San Jose beekeepers.

Delving into the world of bees is mesmerizing! Their complexity is amazing—they are sculptors, acrobats, dancers, nurses. They are fiercely loyal and have a wonderful sense of community and democracy (the group selects their leader!). Bees are a fascinating example of God’s creativity.

As Jacqueline Freeman puts it in her book, Song of Increase:

Honey bees are interdependent, relying upon each other to create the working hive that allows and encourages them to flourish.

Bees have a sense of connection and ONENESS we need to learn as a world community. One for all and ALL FOR ONE.


What advice would you give to those considering beekeeping?

Start learning, have a mentor, join a bee club, and enjoy the journey!