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Motherhouse Meadow

photo of trees

This year, 16 remarkable women celebrate their commitment as a Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose. It’s difficult to measure the joyful impact of their combined 820 years of love in ministries caring for the young, poor and vulnerable. In honor of their love and dedication, we invite you to give the gift of a tree in their name for the Motherhouse Meadow.


Our 2016 Jubilarians include:
75 years    S. Regina Marie Novacek

70 years    S. Mary Paul Mehegan

60 years    S. Andre Marie Fujier, S. Lynn Marie Gillanders, S. Soledad Hernández, S. Carmel Marie Silva

50 years    Hma. Susana Araiza Sanchez, S. Gloria Marie Jones, S. Mary Menegatti, S. Mariá Reina Perea, S. Jeanette De Young

40 years    S. Carol Marie Brown, S. Kathleen McAvoy, S. Kathleen Marie Raya, S. Mary Susanna Vasquez

25 years    S. Elizabeth Jane Wilson

drawing of Motherhouse Meadow plansYour gift will grow beautiful trees in the Motherhouse meadow-- to be appreciated for generations of students, friends, family, and sisters, to come.

We thank you for your joyful recognition with honorary trees that will celebrate ministry and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please make donations (checks) and mail to:
Dominican Sisters or Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, 43326 Mission Circle, Fremont, CA  94539.
Please include: Gift in honor of (sister's name) for the Motherhouse meadow.


(Please specify the sister you’d like to honor and that your donation should apply to "Give a Tree" within Tribute Information on the bottom of the form).