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Our Motherhouse

photo of the DSMSJ MotherhouseA Sense of Place

When people come to the Motherhouse for the first time, they usually arrive with lots of preconceived notions. What they are typically surprised by is the deep sense of connection and 'groundedness' they feel to their spirit, the Holy Spirit and the earth. We believe it is a special, sacred spot because of all the ancestors, protectors of nature, and shared prayers in this space that sustains our Motherhouse and grounds.This sacred sense of place is what keeps friends, families and community members coming home again and again.

Conservation & Regeneration

The gift of living on sacred land comes with the responsibility of sustaining a sense of health and wellness to all living creatures for years and years to come. Like all of God's gifts, we embrace nuturing and protecting this land. It takes a great deal of love, people, money and energy to sustain such a space. Every decision we make in the tending, growth and expansion of our land and property is strongly guided by the principles of conservation and regeneration.

Our Motherhouse is located in the historic Mission San Jose district in Fremont, California.

You always have a home with us. 

Historical photo of Dominican Sister processing olive oilGolden Oil

From the beginning our sisters tended olive trees and bottled the “golden oil.”

We continue to cultivate 200 trees, the largest remaining mission-era olive grove in California, producing extra virgin Dominican Sisters Oil –available only once a year at our Holiday Boutique. Our oil is also the sacramental oil for the Diocese of Oakland.

We promote environmental sustainability in our facilities, community garden, and recycling programs.

Our facilities are available year-round for arts, education, music and wellness programs.

Click here for information about available facilities and food services.