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Like the Four Pillars of Dominican Life, our leadership council is a seamless integration of prayer, community, study and ministry and love. While individually, Sr. Gloria, Sr. Diane, Sr. Carolyn, Sr. Alicia and Sr. Reina- shine wisdom and vision-- together, they create a complete prism of beauty in God's love.

Every five years the Dominican Sisters enter a prayerful discernment process that is associated with the 10 day Chapter Gathering. At this thoughtful gathering, the sisters work together in identifying the new Leadership Council. 

from top left: Sister Diane Bridenbecker, Sister Carolyn Marie Monahan, Sister Maria Reina Perea, Sister Gloria Marie Jones and Sister Alicia Lucy.

Our Congregational Prioress

photo of Sister Gloria

Sister Gloria Marie Jones

My life as a Dominican Sister has gifted me with a way of seeing and experiencing reality that is full of blessing and fills me with peace and joy! The way is very simple. Through the years I have come to know and believe....

God is here... right here, wherever we are!
All is sacred... nothing is outside of the embrace of God's life and God's love,  All is to be held in reverance!

Grace abounds... our God will never be outdone in goodness and generosity.... I can trust

I have all I need to do what I are called to do in this moment! Blessings alway outweigh the challenge!

Our Leadership Council

photo of Sister Diane

Sister Diane Bridenbecker

I am usually a joyful person. I love to make music, to create, to learn and to listen. I am grateful for my contemplative heart, for my sense of humor and for all the love that continues to support and enliven me. The Dominican charism fits me very well and I pray to continue to grow!

photo of Sister Carolyn

Sister Carolyn Marie Monahan

The ministry of education has been a continued joy in my Dominican Life. Learning opens so many doors, inviting wonder and exploration and discovery. It is a blessing to accompany the young students and their teachers on this journey.

photo of Sister Alicia Lucy

Sister Alicia Lucy

Prayer is one of the sustaining aspects of my life...personal, communal and liturgical.

As the song says, "what a friend we have in Jesus."

photo of Sister Maria Reina

Sister María Reina Perea

The women I live with in community through the years have truly become like "sisters" to me! Our common prayer gives us a strong foundation for everything we do together. While we can share our deepest experiences of faith, we can also share many hours in laughter,sharing stories and appreciating the gift and mystery of religious life.